Get Money Fast & Easy with EZ Money’s Instant Funding Online Loan

Get fast funds with EZ Money’s brand new INSTANT funding online loan available to North Dakota and Missouri customers!

What is an instant payday loan?

Payday loans are short-term loans designed to help you get through to your next paycheck when your wages just won’t cover it. Sometimes an unexpected expense pops up or an illness can prevent you from working, payday loans can bridge the gap. An instant payday loan is the same kind of short-term loan, but once you’re approved you get the money that very day through a debit deposit, usually within 30 minutes, instead of having to wait a full day or more for the deposit.

Easy, Same Day Funding from the Comfort of Your Home

Gone are the days of having to wait to get the money you need or even of having to come to our office for a loan. Our online loan applications are quick and straightforward. Enter just a few pieces of qualifying information and most applicants receive their pre-approval for online loans within seconds of submitting the application. Then you just provide an electronic signature and you’ll have your funds in as little as 30 minutes. Never wait for a payday loan again!

Quick, Secure Funding You Can Trust

The system we use for our online instant funding loans securely processes and stores card information so you can feel safe in knowing your information won’t end up in the wrong hands. Once a debit or prepaid card is securely stored in the system it can be used again even more quickly for future fund disbursements if needed. We understand that when you need money, you need it NOW. EZ Money can make that happen. Don’t wait days and let your financial situation get worse - apply today with our secure application and have your money in just half an hour so you can take care of business.